Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yongsan IDB Masterplan, the Dream Hub for Seoul, Korea

Foster and Partners have designed the Yongsan IDB Masterplan, a dream hub to transform the Seoul, Korea from a huge railway goods yard into an extraordinary metropolitan center. The design spot has been envisioned to be easily accessible via three architectural arcs, an icon derived from the Taoist idea of ying and yang. The key point of the design is the landmark tower collection which is made of three spiraling towers known as the ‘helixia’, designed to give the project a new focus and connect three varied areas together, the river han, the yongsan staion and the yongsan electronics district, a place where visitors can enjoy a variety of places like winding ramps and multitude connecting leveled lifts. With the twisting surroundings, helixia, the center of electricity and interaction will become a new global destination.
Designer : Fosters and Partners


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