Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tafoni Floating Home Can Enhance Water Living Experience

The concept Tafoni Floating Home has been developed aiming to change the attitude of people’s living on a houseboat, especially for those who are living at the Sausalito houseboat district of California. The minimal and simple concept features stunning exterior and the interior with three major parts, living area at the front, kitchen and bedroom with bathroom and closet area at the back.

The kitchen and a fully glazed sunroom is situation at the middle part of the concept and the main entrance has designed as the dining area. Both the front and back part offers big windows to enjoy the scenery of the bay. The modular repetitive ellipsoidal wooden binds of the houseboat’s framing can be mass-produced to save resources and energy. The ellipsoidal shaped structure of the house features larger capacity by eliminating the need of additional columns and walls that diminishes not only space, but also affects the quality of the interior.

Designer : Joanna Borek Clement via DesignBoom


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