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Patents: Dermatoglyph sampling, analyzing and interpreting system CN 1763764 A

The invention discloses a dermatoglyph sampling, analysis and judging system in the computer within mouse output device, storing device, disposing device and display device, which comprises the following parts: dermatoglyph sampling device in coupling connection with the computing device and analysis and judging device in the storing device to display image of execution result on the display device screen, wherein the image contains the following functions: establishing files to obtain user basic data and detected dermatoglyph; analyzing and judging the dermatoglyph species and dermatoglyph spine number; outputting the accumulation result.

DESCRIPTION  translated from Chinese

A new anti-hot dishes


[0001] The present invention relates to the field of household items, specifically, the present invention relates to a novel anti-scald more convenient dishes.


[0002] daily life, skin burns are common, many people have been burned too, is well known not only painful burns and skin ulcers, burns after the site also often leave permanent scars on the skin, affect the appearance. To avoid burns, reduce human suffering, a variety of anti-scald technology is introduced.

[0003] The filing date of February 20, 2003, patent number: for 03,223,679 authorized the announcement date of February 4, 2004, patent owner Guangdong Midea Group Co., invented a new anti-drinking water equipment for hot water tap. Including sealing rubber plug (1), the guide column (2), the pressure spring (3), the handle (4), the thrust of the spring (5), anti-scald slider (6), fixed bearing (7), cover ( 8), the valve device body (9), wherein the upper handle (4) placed on one end of the fixed bearing (7) provided in the upper portion of the cavity (71), the anti-hot slider (6) placed on one end of the cavity A (71), and the card is disposed in a fixed bearing (7) between the top plate (72) and the handle (4), and the other end B placed in the handle (4) provided a groove (41) above, the force of the spring (5) disposed in the recess (41), and which at one end is secured to the anti-hot slider (6), and the other end fixedly mounted in the handle (4). Anti-scald faucet Guangdong Midea Group Co., the invention is not under normal lever handle, thus avoiding users to freely lever handle, because they do not prevent users from accidentally scalded by hot water.

[0004] Patent No. 200 720 006 661, filed on March 30, 2007, Publication date April 9, 2008

Day, Shao Ying patent owner's utility model patents, invented an anti-scalding water means having water flow into the channel and output channels; the water flow output channel includes at least one output channel water cooling water at room temperature and at least one output channel on the water cooling output channel output port is equipped with a cooling effect from the atomizing device. Because the utility model in water at room temperature output channel is equipped with inlet after thermal deformation can be closed thermostatic element and output channels on the cooling water outlet from the cooling effect of air-atomizing device, when the water temperature exceeds a certain temperature when superheated water since the water flows into the channel into the water output channels, the mover will heat the water at room temperature deformation of the output channel inlet closed, blocking the flow of water from the water at room temperature output channel outflow, while the superheated water flow cooling output channel guide superheated water atomizing element after cooling flow, will not burn the body, with higher safety performance.

[0005] The filing date is November 12, 2004, authorized the announcement date of January 4, 2006, Cai Chunhua design artificial invention, utility model patents, patent owner Shanghai Textile Printing Printing and Packaging Co., invented an anti-scald cups, comprising a base on the bottom of the cup and the cup body is fixed, characterized in that: the main body further comprises affixing the outer cup at least one insulating ear, the ear is insulated from the inside, the outside two layers of different thermal expansion coefficient of the composite material is formed, the intermediate open slot, the slot in the left and right sides of the inner layer is provided with a vertical shaped adhesive tape, respectively at the top and bottom ends of the left and right horizontal cut slot sewn to the adhesive tape at. With the above technical solutions, namely through the outside of the cup body affixing insulation ear, the use of heat insulation inside the ear, the outer layers of composite material of different coefficients of thermal contraction, the contraction is greater than the outer layer of the inner layer, to form a barrier Heat ear slots for the sector, the respective right and left sides with adhesive tape as opposed to the central axis of contraction tile-like, so that the air layer is formed between the insulation and the ear cups to ensure that the ear cups insulated compartment thermal performance. Eaters by making just the right insulation ear cups with hot drinks inside, no longer hot, when you feel comfortable using.

3 [0006] To date, three meals a day for the dishes to be used, and no one has invented a low-cost, simple structure, easy to use anti-hot dishes.

[0007] For example the filing date for 2004. 08.06, invented a name for anti-scalding bowl, Publication No. (Announcement) for CN2754484, the patent system artificially Shanghai Yi Packing Co., inventions (design) artificial Li Ruiqing utility model patent discloses An anti-hot bowl, which includes a bowl body and the bottom of the bowl, the bowl has Wanbian the upper body, the lower part of the bowl with a ring protruding anti-scald ring, the anti-scald ring is a double layer structure, its inner and outer layers of the tight fit between the spaced side, there is within the recessed cavity with a tight fit on the inner surface opposite. However, the structure of the invention, the bowl there is inevitably made difficult, complicated structure, high cost of defects.

[0008] In summary, the current anti-hot dishes focused on improving the two-tier structure, material improvements or clip dedicated to the dishes.Among them, the two-tier structure is more common, mainly applied to bowls, bowls with the main design for the double hollow structure or resistance in the cavity filling material. The downside is that the complex structure, making more difficult and costly.

[0009] for the relative lack of prior art, the present invention has.


[0010] The present invention is directed to deficiencies of the prior art, to provide a low cost, simple structure, easy to use, is more suitable for new anti-hot dishes for children and the elderly.

[0011] To achieve the above objects, technical solutions, new anti-hot dishes of the present invention is provided for: an anti-hot dishes, including the body and the base, one of the main dishes on the edge of the ring produced there, rings and bowl produced between the discs is provided with one of the main connection portion, the connecting portion is provided at the bottom of the receiving groove, the groove surface of the finger is provided with non-slip pattern.

[0012] The present invention is a beneficial effect: simple structure, in line with the habit of everyday use, the integrated production structure ensures lower the difficulty of producing, the cost will remain at the original level.

[0013] The structure of the present invention is not only simple, easy to manufacture, low production cost, easy assembly, stable performance, and can be avoided especially for children or the elderly malfunction, to prevent the hot water, a hot meal burns, to ensure that people, especially children, or old people eating safe use.

Brief Description

Structure of the present invention [0014] Figure 1 a schematic view;

[0015] Figure 2 is a view taken in the A.

[0016] Hereinafter, with reference to the specific embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail. Specific embodiments

Schematic [0017] FIG. 1 of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a view taken in the A, 1 and 2, the utility model anti-hot dishes including a base body 1 and 2, the main dishes of 1 on the edge of one of the ring-making, 3, a connecting portion integrally produced 4, the bottom connecting portion 4 has a receiving groove 5, the groove 5 has a non-slip surface of the finger ring pattern between a 3 and dishes body ( not shown in the figure).

[0018] According to daily habits, when Picking dish, using the thumb knock dishes live edge of the main body 1, one or all of the remaining fingers against the edge of the base 2 or base dishes 2, due to the base 2 - as relatively thick, so the lower the heat transfer, the temperature with respect to the edge of the body 1 is also low. General feeling is due to relatively hot weather the thumb could not heat the edge of the main body 1 of the dishes.

[0019] The present invention is an improved structure in line with the daily usage, when used, grasped with the thumb ring 3, while the use of the index finger on the side of the groove 5 4 against the bottom of the connecting portion, so that you can end the use of two fingers Since the dishes, main dishes do not have to or make changes to the structure of the base.

[0020] applies to restaurants and other public places, main dishes can be made at the edge of a structure of the utility model, or similar appendages, so that consumers feel reassured their health security. In a domestic situation, in order to meet children or the elderly habits, can the utility model, based on the edge of the main dishes uniform structure of two or four of the invention or similar structures. Within the scope of the above two claims of the present invention, the variations are required.

Example [0021] The present invention particularly describes the implementation of the present patent application claims the protection of technical solutions in which one embodiment, at the design idea of ​​the present invention, those skilled in the art can easily be applied to such as background art or have other variations, within the scope of these variations and embodiments of the present invention will be in the pending.

CLAIMS(4)  translated from Chinese

  1. An anti-hot dishes, comprising a body and a base, characterized in that integrally with the ring on the edge of the body making the dishes.
  2. 2. An anti-scald dishes according to claim 1, characterized in that a connecting portion integrally made between the ring and the main dishes.
  3. 3. The system of claim 2, wherein the anti-hot dishes, characterized in that the bottom of said connecting portion is provided with a finger receiving recess.
  4. 4. The system of claim 3, wherein the anti-hot dishes, characterized in that the recess is provided with a surface of the non-slip pattern.


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