Thursday, October 07, 2010

Nassim Road Villas by Zaha Hadid Architects


Two Villas


Satinder Garcha

Elevation Pte Ltd

11 Stamford Road

02-10 Capitol Building

Singpore, 178884


In Nassim Villas, Zaha Hadid gives her trademark sensuous and seamless design to lush tropical greenery; and brings her cutting-edge technological explorations to the construction of luxurious living. Flanked by huge luscious tropical hardwood trees on either sides and diagonally facing the Singapore Botanical gardens sits one of the most breathtaking and desirable sites in Singapore. The intention of this design is to mimic the landscape, allow the architecture to be part of it, thereby accentuating the locale and its prominence.

Taking lead from the hilly terrain, a series of deliberate terracing and ramps are employed to usher the landscape into the heart of the villas. The groundscape weaves the site into the building and in doing so, affords an intimate interaction between the garden and the home. The form of the villas is designed to meld with the dynamism of the topography and coalesce into the landscape. Compositionally, there are two adjacent and overlapping volumes in each villa, forming the basis of the division of social and familial programs yet allowing these programs to progress fluently into one another. With a singular and fl uent stroke, a dramatic cantilever extends the topography into the sky; as well as reducing sun exposure at the western façade. The cantilever doubles as a rooftop terrace, wherein one can soak in an elevated and unobstructed view of the botanical gardens. The roof then drapes supplely down on its sides, touching the ground, embracing and sheltering the spaces within. Maximum frontage to the botanical gardens is designed, resulting in a deliberately public face and a landmark that becomes not just an abode but a showcase for living. In order to express the fluidity of the design, malleable materials will be used to craft the form and the groundscape. Construction materials for the exterior structure under consideration are Cast Aluminium and Fibre-Reinforced concrete while Fibre-Reinforced Plastic, CORIAN are being proposed for interior elements and glazing.




DESIGN: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

PROJECT LEADERS: Ting Ting Zhang, William Tan


LOCAL ARCHITECT: Aedas (Singapore)

STRUCTURAL: Web Structures (Singapore)

M&E: Ace-Tech M&E Engineers (Singapore)

COST: TJ Chiam Surveyors Pte Ltd (Singapore)


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