Saturday, September 05, 2009

World Lounge, Istanbul, Turkey

With World Lounge for Yapi Kredi Bank, Designer Karim Rashid set out to design an interior that is a beacon and an inspiration-a unique experience among a plethora of chain restaurants and duty-free display cases. The space will be memorable for the world traveler, the once-a-year tourist, and the every-day employee. By "synergizing" Yapi Kredi's can-do attitude with the soothing aura of perfect balance and design, a completely fulfilling experience is guaranteed. All airports are characterized by an omnipresent paradox of the excitement and energy of traveling versus the utter tranquility of having no other options but waiting. This paradox creates the need for a space that will intensify any traveling experience, yet at the same time encourage complete relaxation and rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul. To ensure that every state of mind can be accommodated, a seamless mixture of function-specific territories will be created: Invite (entrance), Connect (computer areas), Dream (beds), Recline (sit and relax), Absorb (eat), Indulge (smoke), Engage (meeting), Revive (private room).
Client: Yapi Kredi Bank
Facilities: Airport Lounge, Buffet, Private Guestrooms, Massage Room, Bar, Child Play Room, Business Center


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