Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Proposal “Free Plan (T)”, Residential, for AIA 2009 COD competititon by Team SO Architecture

We recently shared Albert McDonald’s winning entry for the COD competition, and now SO Architecture just shared their proposal with us. The proposal entitled “Free Plan (T)” incorporates the free plan of Le Corbusier in an effort to leave the inner organization undisturbed. Yet, the free plans also means “no walls shall disturb one to live among nature”. Taking inspiration from Raymond’s work and incorpation of nature, the firm proposes to “take the house into the landscape”.

More about SO Architecture’s proposal after the break.

Section 2

The Free Plan(T) project is a house that flows with nature. When the weather is suitable, common life activities will take place outside, while during winter, the house “will morph to provide shelter to the exterior parts by a mobile cover.” The flexible form allows the design “to free land from paving to flowers.”

The house also focuses on sustainability as excavated soil serves as green roofs, local earth friendly materials complement the design and all electricity is provided through photovoltaic. Large parts of the building will be lifted to let draining water be absorbed and the masses will be opened mainly to the south to optimize the use of natural light.

Roof plan




Section 1

Section 2

Detail concept


Free PLAN(T)

Team: SO Architecture - Shachar Lulav Oded Rozenkier
Year: 2009
Type: concept dwelling
Area: 2500 sqft
Location: Belmont, Massachusetts, USA

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By Karen Cilento


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