Saturday, August 15, 2009

London School of Economics By 3XN

Focussed on the interaction between students from around the world in a unique environment hosting recreational, academic and social functions; 3XNs vision for the New Students’ Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science is about encouraging synergy and social behaviour in a space the students can call their home.

With an open plaza drawing students through the transparent facades from every corner of the campus; an inviting sculptural staircase functions as the building’s spine unifying the various functions. Double height spaces throughout the building create a series of platforms contributing to visual and social interaction.

Programmed with the most efficient layout for the site, meeting the highest environmental standards and aesthetically taking its place in the historic city of Westminster, the New Students’ Centre has been designed to represent the best value for money and continue to confirm the University’s global reputation for excellence.

Westminster, London, UK

London School of Economics

5,800 m2

Competition Proposal

3XN Team
Kim Herforth Nielsen, Michael Kruse, Tommy Bruun, Torben Østergaard, Per Damgaard-Sørensen, Thomas Meldgaard Pedersen, Mathias Bagger Poulsen, Helle Hjelmborg, Rikke Zachariasen, Jack Renteria

Arup, Esbensen

UK Architect



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