Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kube Hotel, France

Blue and white – chrome and black – indigo and morning light: these are the tones that the KUBE Hotel St. Tropez radiates. The stark lines of colour separate the bright white of the buildings from the cool blues of the sea and swimming pool and greens of the surrounding gardens. The sleek rectangular forms and sharp, straight edges emphasise the smooth curves of the silhouettes of the surrounding mountain peaks. The latest tour de force from the renowned Murano Hotels & Resorts group (masterminds behind the celebrated KUBE Hotel in Paris), the KUBE Hotel is equally as suited for a romantic getaway as for a business retreat, offering a timeless concept with universal appeal: exclusive luxury on the French Riviera. The year-round resort shapes itself to its guests’ desires, becoming at times an elegant event venue, at times a hopping nightclub, and at times a quiet Mediterranean refuge. The KUBE is far enough from the hustle and bustle of neighbouring St. Tropez to serve as a seaside retreat, but close enough to the Riviera’s nightlife to satisfy those in search of a more boisterous experience – and the hotel itself offers something of either.Its 41 guestrooms and suites are arranged in 4 freestanding buildings along the perimeter of the resort gardens and pools. Ranging from 30 to 100 square metres, they come in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL Terrace. Although only 28 of these rooms feature a private garden, balcony or terrace, all 41 are exquisitely designed with the most elegant and weightless furnishing and the most palatable of colour schemes that, when juxtaposed with the intensity of the blue water and lush gardens, increase the luxury factor and augment the relaxation process. Spacious and full of light, the resort features a 24-metre seaside swimming pool and a garden-side wellness area with a heated eight-metre swimming pool.

The poolside bar, one of the most desirable spots for guests, is an ideal choice for picking up a quick snack or chilled cocktail during the day, or a smooth glass of wine from the 10,000-bottle-strong wine cellar in the evening. Guests can also kick back, or even dance all night, at the rooftop bar that offers panoramic views. From the pool decks to the roof terrace and the sea-view gardens to the ice bar, any area. of the hotel can be set for private events, whether guests are planning for 2 or 200


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