Friday, October 02, 2009

K60 Anaconda Yacht by Keyframe Studio

The K60 Anaconda is a concept yacht with semi-rigid design, aiming to push the boundaries of comfort, power, technology and style. This extremely light, next generation boat propels with two 1200 HP engines and is able to run over 55 knots with maximum efficiency and agility in the water.

One key feature of the K60 Anaconda that has given it the highest standards of comfort and luxury are the absolutely unsinkable inflatable tubes. It smoothen the rolling effect, allows turning rough sea in a contented ride and also protects the vessel from water splashes in any weather condition. The stylish and comfortable interior contains three different layouts with different offerings. Each room has been furnished with optimum attention to detail by using the highest standards of Italian fittings. The Florence based designer Keyframe Studio has given the project an innovative and accurate view from all aspects of sea life with all possible fun.

Designer : KeyFrame Studio


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