Saturday, October 17, 2009

A-cero Wins Research Center for Renewable Energy Sources in Murcia, Spain

Madrid-based international architecture firm A-cero, under the direction of principal Joaquín Torres, has recently won the architectural competition for an academic center that researches renewable energy sources. The building that blends in with the surrounding landscape aims to reach highest goals in sustainable architecture. The international competition was organized by the commission of Education, Formation and Employment of the Murcia region in Spain.A-cero’s competition-winning design for an academic research center for renewable energy sources in Murcia, Spain

Here is a project description from the architects:
A complex of 9,000 m2 constructed that there constitute teaching areas (lecture rooms and workshops), library, audio-visual, auditorium, administrative area, restoration, facilities and services and parking.
close up
The winning project presented by A-cero, raises the centre as a landscape operation blurring the limits between architecture and free space. The horizontal plane of the plot bends producing a new orography marked by fissures that will be the spaces of access to the centre and exterior spaces of the teaching areas. The resultant geometry north - south looks for the orientation for the interior program. The surrounding one (walls and covering) triangulated specializes and diversifies adopting different solutions as orientation and conditions of use. The idea is that it is possible to cover the “covering” as a park where there coexist green areas (indigenous vegetation and gardens) with areas destined for solar, photovoltaic panels, and other systems of clean energies and energy saving.



Floor Plan and Section Sketch

It is finally a project of clear commitment of respect to the environment and with high sustainability grade. What the architecture Studio A-cero that Joaquín Torres directs with his collaborating associate Rafael Llamazares, he has betting for years of research and development of ideas that promote this concept of sustainable architecture.

Images: A-cero


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