Sunday, September 20, 2009

TTE (shinagawa), Tokyo, Japan

Japan based architect sinato has completed office interior "TTE (shinagawa)" in tokyo, japan.

TTE (shinagawa)
[Moving walls and doors being left behind]
Office interiors and electronics Toyotsu make semiconductors and software development and sales. Meeting between the wall and movable Conference to be held during regularly want to open a big room to expand them, and that was the request of the Owner. So we said, "moving wall" is thought to aim at the quality of space achieved only by the assumption. Usually used in movable walls and meeting rooms are arranged in a split-rail panel at the time of opening is generally leave at the end of the storage room once again. But here it is furnished with such a large sliding door, and ran out of room and just minutes to open, and the like affect the outside of the conference room.

The meeting room is located "廻Ri" to place and free office space and an open lounge, conference room wall in the opening spread, creating a new private open space is that "間仕切Ru wall". In other words, is also a private room to move with the moving wall.

Meanwhile, a lounge and free offices are furnished as an entrance door at each location was private. However, when used normally as an open space, meaning that the door is not functional. That's like "anywhere door", as just the door to leave the space as a single item. "Anywhere door" in his office lined with a very strange look. "The new private room which can be moved to the wall" that is how to make the space as if in pursuit of systematic rationality seemingly led to the creation of this magical landscape. The middle of the plan, there's also the illusion of moving walls and creating a landscape for it was a bit of fresh experience.
「どこでもドア」がオフィス内に立ち並ぶ姿はとても不思議に見える。「壁が動いた先で新たな個室が出来る」という、一見システマチックで合理性を追求するかのような空間のつくり方が、この不思議な風景を生み出すことに繋がった。計画の途中からは、その風景をつくる為に壁が動くのだと錯覚を覚えることもあり、それは少し新鮮な体験であった。JCD Design Award 2009 winners
Display Design Awards 2009 winners

JCDデザインアワード 2009 入選
ディスプレイデザイン賞 2009 入選


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