Friday, September 04, 2009

"The Future Tramway" Designed by Rodolfo Ciudad Witzel

Spiral is a fascinating concept structure that can be compared with the nature and universe. The concept is to design a Tramway as a combined element leaving out-of-the-way the idea of interior and exterior. Integrating all the parts is the main intention, opening up in the way the inner side to the outer. This structure embraces the inner side with the outer, working as a unifying nexus. All the working elements of the interior emerge from this structure and the outer design is also dictated by it. Thus, the designer created a profound communication between all its elements. This vehicle gets the inspiration by the spiral because of not only what it symbolizes or its dynamism, but also due to the transmission sensations.Flexible inner space
The seats are multifunctional; we can use them as a disabled seat area, as a bicycle area and also, during rush hour, we can pull them all back in order to use the inner space efficiently. The seats are made of a flexible material and they have a retractable mechanism that allows pulling them out and back in.Public transportation should be an event
We have to forget that a public transportation vehicle is an object that transports us from point “A” to “B”. If we want it to compete with cars and put them away from big cities, it is necessary that public transportation become an event. The vehicle has to seduce people; it has to capture people’s attention. It has to be able to transmit emotions to its users. The tramway must project an image of itself and also from the city. It must become a symbol that projects the identity of the city and its inhabitants.The Tramway is different from all other trains because it is a train that becomes part of the urban landscape; we will have to coexist with it every day. That’s why we have to care so much about the emotional and stylistic characteristics.


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