Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cool Space For A Hot Company: Studio O+A Designs New Facebook HQ

Formerly a lab facility for Agilent Technologies, a manafacturer of high-tech measurement devices, the restored complex now becomes a lab of different sort-- for measuring the intangibles of creativity and social interaction.Facebook wanted it new headquarters reflect its values--freedom of expression, individuality, and creativity. Facebook's 850 employees were scattered over 10 separate locations. The new Palo Alto headquarters brings this community together under one roof, while maintaining the continuity and sense of identity each division has established.Our design employs color, partitions and strategic spatial mapping to the neighborhoods that make up Facebook's city of workers. Meeting areas serve the function of a city's public square.O+A Interviewed Facebook staff at all level to identify what made the company hum. One result: common areas speak to the enthusiams of a young, dynamic staff. For example, a hip office cafe with gourmet meals served virtually around the clock. Our designer understand that people who love where they work--work hard.

This headquaters is the first commercial project completed under Palo Alto's 2008 Green Building Ordinance. We restored millwork from the original lab,install carpet with a high -recycle content, and repurposed industrial components for post industrial use. The "crana table" suspends a worksurface from a heavyweight hoist to form a table that swings in any direction. Pull up a chair? Pull up a table?


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