Friday, July 31, 2009

Yusuke Hara Wins Grand Prize at 2009 World Space Creators Awards

Japanese designer Yusuke Hara of [Designkit], a design firm in Tokyo, has recently been awarded the Grand Prize in the Interior Design Category at the 2009 World Space Creators Awards for his project “scramble perpective”.
Winner of the Grand Prize in the Interior Design Category at the 2009 World Space Creators Awards: “scramble perspective” by Yusuke Hara(Japan)

Hara’s design concept is a proposal for creating a store space where multiple brands can mix harmoniously while each at the same time retains its own brand identity. It uses the laws of perspective to decide the size of the display fixtures, such that when the visitor stands at the focal point of the display, they are surrounded by a single brand. Although the fixtures at first appear to be scattered at random, this arrangement broadens the possibility for different combinations, with the ultimate goal of regaining a sense of unity and coherence for each brand within a certain area of space and time. As the visitor traces the paths between different fixtures, they are able to encounter clothes that they had never considered before. Hara’s hope is that the approach of “scramble perpective” will create brand intersections that give rise to new fashion coordination ideas

“I am deeply honored to have received this award,” said Hara. “In considering this design, I was seeking to explore the range of store types only the World Company could build given the large number of brands in the company’s portfolio. As I thought about ways of mixing different brands together in ways different from those used by department stores or select shops, and ways to mix them without losing the sense of coherence of each, I finally arrived at this idea using the laws of visual perception.”

Other Grand Prize recipients were Shuji Funabiki (Professional Competition - Visual Design Category) and Megumi Mitsuhashi (Student Competition). The jury was chaired by acclaimed Japanese product designer Naoto Fukasawa.

Images: Yusuke Hara


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