Sunday, October 04, 2009

Zero House : Small Prefabricated House Operates Independently Off-The Grid

Zero House is a fully climate-controlled and innovative home concept that features separately zoned living and sleeping areas with highly efficient air-conditioning and heating system. All storage compartments and furnishings are built-in to exploit the use of space. The elevated covered deck offers perfect rooftop area for excellent outdoor living. The roof, floor and walls are insulated with closed-cell structured foam, and attain a thermal resistant ranking of R-58. Triple-insulated large windows are fabricated from heat-mirror glass that allows the sunlight to enter the room and prevents heat, to keep a cool and comfortable room environment.

The surfaces of sinks, bath and countertops are made of solid-surfacing material, aiming to provide stunning beauty and durability. Wall panels and cabinetry are made of pre-finished wood, which never requires additional painting. The wall and ceiling panels contain fully-dimmable LED lightings with longevity of around 100,000 hours.

Designer : Scott Specht


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