Saturday, October 10, 2009

Loop Vignette : Eco-Friendly and Lightweight 2-Seater Electric Car for Next Generation

Loop Vignette is an eco-friendly and lightweight 2-seater concept electric car designed for the next generation riders aiming to customize the mobility ideas with more closely associated lifestyle products, technological gadgetry and the Internet. The outcome is therefore a brand new, sophisticated, fun, desirable and most significantly affordable experience which the target customer can relate to.
The design comprises both economic and technical efficiency. The chassis is covered in an unpainted swappable plastic skin, which eliminates the painting stage. The placement of the rear wheels within the rear quarter panel offer improved aerodynamics. The rear and front façade of the car contains thin-film OLEDs under the colored polycarbonate surfaces, through which users can personalize parameters like day-running lights or graphically expressing themselves by adding custom decals. This feature will also eliminate the need of placing individual lights for turn indicators or brakes.

The dashboard has been kept minimal for individual movable components; rather it contains a huge touch screen where most of the interactions between the car and the rider will take place. While driving, users can keep their other works going on through the internet connectivity and share their driving experience through social networking websites.


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