Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Villa on Humlevej .....

The Villa on Humlevej is situated on a 1.490 m2 large plot in the area named Fedet in Risskov. It is a very privileged location right down to Aarhus Bay. The shape is based on the Japanese art of paper folding – origami – the house is folding itself around itself in the shape of a three-layered bow with the layers displaced with respect to each other. The three layers resemble the decks of a ship. All rooms have access to the garden and the living room has a view of the water.

Towards the south, with large window sections, the house opens towards the beach and Aarhus Bay, and towards the garden and the entrance towards the north-west. The gables are closed to prevent the neighbours from gazing in. The house is divided into three levels: a half basement of 200 m2 with a fitness- and wellness-room, a study, a bathroom, spa and sauna together with two minor workrooms. The ground floor is 255 m2 and has a dining kitchen, living room, conference room, utility room, an above-ground wine cellar, and also a repository, entrance hall and a bathroom. And, finally, the roof storey of 133 m2 with two children’s bedrooms, a master bedroom with a private bathroom in immediate continuation only separated by a sliding door, and another bathroom with access from the main corridor. The terrace has a built-in lap-pool with a view of the beach.

Humlevej 6, Risskov, Aarhus, DK

Søren Palmelund

365 m2 + 215 m2 basement

3XN Team
Kim Herforth Nielsen,, Martin Rejnholt Frederiksen, Peter Feltendal

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